Resource for Sellers

Properties On The Market will be providing useful downloads for you in the coming weeks however here are our top 5 tips for selling your home:-

  1. First Impression – When a potential buyer walks up to your front door what do they see? Is your garden tidy? Is your front door freshly painted or the pvc clean? Do your windows look clean and welcoming? If the answer to any of this thing is no then rectify this. You cannot change the first impression and whilst you may not be able to do anything about neighbouring properties, yours should always look clean and tidy.
  2. First Sight - What do they see when you first open the front door? Is it a clean and welcoming hallway and a dumping ground for coats and football boots? You don’t want buyer to have to squeeze in and around obstacles so make the hall as empty as you can.
  3. Clutter – Every estate agent will tell you that a cluttered house takes longer to sell, the same goes with overly patterned walls and coverings. Wherever possible make the house a blank canvas that looks clean, well lit and spacious.
  4. Occupants – Pets and children, almost everyone has them but they’re not always great for a good impression and children are known for saying the most inappropriate things or repeating overheard conversations. Some people may be scared of dogs too so where possible have them out of the house before viewings.
  5. Clean – whilst no one expects your home to be a show house they will expect it to be clean and tidy. Make sure that the kitchen and bathroom particularly are clean and bright, these are often the rooms that can lose you a sale. Simple chores of dusting, hoovering and emptying bins can make the difference as well as well present bedrooms with made beds!
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