Sell Your Land

Land is opportunity, if you are considering selling land speak to a member of the Properties on the Market Land team.  With new build home development on the rise there are a number of opportunities so contact us today.

Whether for single plot builds, larger multiple unit commercial sites or pre development phased release opportunities, we have a diverse specialism base, providing guidance on a number of land and planning related matters.

Selling your land?

Does your home have a large garden?

Have you received interest from developers?

Does your land have detailed or outline planning permission?

Do you own a commercial premises in a residential area?

Our land team and network of property professionals are in constant contact with developer purchasers waiting to secure new pieces of land for development.

Maybe you have an idea for some unused land that you have owned for years?

No one has more expertise, exposure or is acquiring more contacts when it comes to dealing with potential land development.  If you are interested in selling your land contact a land specialist at Properties on the Market.

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