This is an extremely easy and profitable way to sell your property. So whether your first choice is to sell your property or you have had bad experiences in letting your property the traditional way in the past, Rent to Own is the perfect solution for you.

If you can’t sell due to owing more than what the property is worth, Rent to Own is ideal as we project the future purchase price at a rate of 4% increase each year. So the length of the option can be extended to adjust for the amount owed on the mortgage.

If you have had previous bad experience when it comes to letting your property, don’t worry. We are letting your property to a tenant-buyer who has a financial vested interest in your property. It’s completely different to your average buy to let.

If the tenant-buyer doesn’t pay the rent or breaks the AST in any way, they lose their entire top up rent that they have saved, which could be in the thousands, and that is set against any rent arrears or any repairs that are needed.

This also means there are no voids, so no tenant finder’s fees as if the tenant leaves they do not get their top up back.

The tenant-buyer is also responsible for all repairs and maintenance, apart from an annual gas check, so you won’t get any calls on a Monday morning saying the boiler is broken or a tile has come off the roof, this all adds to your bottom line.

It’s also a great strategy for portfolio landlords who want to have a structured disposal strategy and take advantage of their annual Capital Gains Tax exemption. Advantages include:

  1. No more repairs
  2. No more voids
  3. Regular income on a monthly basis
  4. Tenant buyer who adds value and takes care of your property
  5. Increased purchase price
  6. Increased Net profit

What are you waiting for?

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