This is perfect for those people who want to buy their own home but can’t get a mortgage. It allows you to move into your dream home now but pay for it over a period of time. There are lots of advantages for tenant buyers on this scheme such as:

  1. Get to move into your dream home now and buy it over a period of time, not many people get to try before they buy.
  2. Only a small commitment fee that allows you to move in same day, most first time buyers have to pay 10%, your commitment fee will be on average £2,000 but that will depend on the property and any offers on at the time.
  3. No mortgage or credit checks….GUARANTEED.
  4. You get to save up your deposit over a 5-10 year period.
  5. You get time to repair your credit file if necessary in order to purchase the property.
  6. The rent is set for the time you’re in the property so no unexpected rent increase, you know where you are from day one. The seller cannot increase the rent at any point.
  7. The purchase price is fixed before you move in and cannot be increased unless by mutual consent.
  8. You will benefit from any house price increase and have immediate equity when you purchase the property.
  9. Decorate, improve, add value as you wish to the property and basically treat it as your own because one day it will be.
  10. You can even sell the property for more than the agreed purchase price and make a profit.
  11. Walk away at any point and it won’t affect your credit, but you will lose your top up.
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