Tenancy Agreement

How does it work?

One of our customer care crew will give you a call to confirm some details: move in dates, deposit amount, and any specific clauses you want in the tenancy agreement etc. Then we get to work.

The tenancy agreement

As soon as we’re off the phone with you, we’ll put your tailored AST agreement in motion. Then we’ll send you your tailored agreement electronically, so you can check you’re happy.

Once you are happy with agreement, we’ll get the hard copies out to you and any third parties for everyone to sign.

The deposit

Once you have signed the agreement, we`ll tell you how, where and when to pay the deposit.

We’ll then register the deposit with DPS (Deposit Protection Service) and send you all the legally required information:

  • Deposit registration certificate
  • Prescribed information
  • Scheme information

What happens when the fixed term comes to an end?

When the tenancy is nearing the end of its initial fixed term, we will be in touch with you to find out if you want move out, or whether you want to extend the period or renew the agreement.

If extending: We’ll extend the deposit protection and send the new deposit protection certificate out to you again (at no extra charge).

If renewing: We restart the process – just let us know you want to purchase it from us again.

If you are leaving: We will unprotect the deposit, and return the all or agreed amount to the appropriate recipient.

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